Welcome to the Home of the Wildlife Attorney Email Reflector Gang!
The Wildlife Attorney Reflector is a YahooGroups email reflector open to any attorney whose primary duty is the representation of a state fish and wildlife agency.  Our membership consists of state attorneys in thirty six states and Puerto Rico. The purpose of this reflector is to provide a forum for  information exchange  on issues of common interest to our respective clients, to serve as a means for planning agendas for upcoming legal committee meetings nationwide, and on occasion, just to have a little fun.

The Wildife Attorney reflector was started in late 1998 as a means for attorneys on the Southeast Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (SEAFWA) Legal Committee to stay in touch between the spring and fall meetings.  After a somewhat rocky beginning, the list began to grow, and by the fall 1999 meeting of the Committee in Greensboro, the group voted to open up membership to all the states.  In 2002, the company hosting the reflectorwas bought out by Yahoo! and the list became a part of YahooGroups!

In order to keep spammers out, this is a closed reflector, and membership requires moderator approval.  In addition, the list archives are open to members only.  If you are a state attorney representing your state's fish and game agency, and you are interested in joining the reflector, we would love to have you join us.  For additional information, visit the Yahoo! Wildlife Attorney Reflector Home Page .

    This site serves as a repository for general information frequently needed by our members.