Brooks Garland Memorial Service
January 31, 2007
It was with great sadness that we learned that one of our own, Brooks Garland from the Great State of Tennessee, made an untimely departure from the wildlife world on January 31st of this year.  As family and friends gathered to reflect and remember, another one of our own, Steve Hill from the Great State of Vermont ventured south into rebel territory to pay his last respects, and to capture the moment for the rest of us.


Here you see the fine old southern tradition of signing the guest book prior  to entering  the service.  As you can see, it was virtually impossible to accommodate the crowd of mourners.


It is also customary to help the grieving family cover their expenses in their time of need, and the generous contributions are a reflection of just how much the community cared for the dear departed!


This is a somber reminder of the grief of those closest to Brooks (although some crude wag was heard to suggest that the real purpose of the black rope was to keep family members from leaving before the service was over).


When one enters a southern sanctuary during a time of mourning, it is customary to see a framed portrait of the dear departed in his younger years.


Our clergy are famous for giving it their all when eulogizing a man like Brooks, in an effort to insure his proper place in the hereafter.

 Our more challenging cases often require a second man of the cloth...