Brooks Garland Memorial Service (Cont.)
You Didn't Think That Was All, Did You? 
As times have changed, so have southern funeral traditions.  And so it was that Brooks was honored with a video remembrance of his life and times...


 ... such as the time he played Jolly Old Saint Nick for all the good little boys and girls.


His brief stint as an traveling circuit rider...


His unsuccessful audition for the lead in "Brokeback Mountain"...


And finally, that time when he was awaiting trial on trumped up charges... something about a Santa suit and little kids.   Of course it was all just a big misunderstanding, and Judge LaBlatt promptly dismissed everything!


Here in the lower latitudes, no funeral would be complete without a good feed following the service.


And technology now allowed the mourners to fondly remember Brooks...


... even as they cut him into tiny little pieces!