Calendar of Upcoming Meetings and Events
To be really useful, this page needs needs the input of  list members who are hosting events of interests to the various legal committee members.  For each event, we need as much of the the following information as possible.  Call me, or email me via the list or directly.:

1.  Event name
2.  Location
3.  Date
4.  POC
5.  Website, if one exists.

Upcoming Events

The 72nd Annual
North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference
March 20-24, 2007
Portland, Oregon

Midwest/Big Rivers Legal Committee Meeting
June 14-15, 2007
Topeka, Kansas.

July 8 & 9, 2007
Western (WAFWA) Legal Committee Summer Meeting
Flagstaff, AZ
(Full Meeting - July  7-12, 2007)

September 16-21, 2007
Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Meeting
Louisville, Kentucky

October 21-24, 2007
Southeast Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Annual Meeting
SEAFWA 2007 Meeting
Charleston, WV